Here's the problem:

Testing websites is hard. You roll out a new version of your site, and unless you actually click around looking for bugs, you have no idea if something actually broke. Bugs on your site can be as minor as a broken image, or as inconvenient as a JavaScript typo which skewed all your analytics. If you're unlucky, it could be as bad as a broken link to your order and payments page. The solution that most experts will suggest is that you invest your time in writing tests, or hiring manual testers to look over your site regularly. Here's the thing: tests take time to write, and even more time to maintain. Manual testers are expensive and require chaperoning. In the ideal world, you would have both of these - but until then, what's your choice?

The solution: monkeys.

Lots and lots of monkeys. Monkey Test It offers a hands off approach to automated testing that lets you focus on making your site look good, without having to get bogged down in learning testing tools. You don't need to write a single line of code; all you need to do is specify the URL and we'll take care of the rest. We analyzed the most common issues that most websites have and developed custom software that is tailor made for identifying exactly these issues.

..but why monkeys?

Each one of our website checkers is directly related to a special breed of algorithmically powered primates that love finding bugs (it's what they eat). Let's meet them.

Does an initial inspection of your page; looking for any broken images, css files, or other otherwise easily missed but otherwise embarassing mistakes.

Scout Monkey

Loves picking fights with websites - especially ones with lots of Javascript, clicking on every page element he can find to see what happens.

Boxer Monkey

She swings around looking for links and tries to find out where they lead, seeking out any dead ends. The dreaded 404 - Page Not Found, for example.

Spider Monkey

A friend of your mobile visitors, checking to make sure that you're not loading too many resources or making users download too much data.

Accountant Monkey

Checks for fundamental Search Engine Optimization mistakes; anything from a missing title tags, to ensuring that all your images have "alt" attributes.

Public Relations Monkey

New monkeys are constantly being created and added to the troop. Follow us on twitter to be the first to know when they become available!

??? Monkey


How do you integrate Monkey Test It with your workflow? You've got 4 choices which cover most skill levels and testing needs:

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