Monkeys ❤ Travis CI

The service used by most Github repos is without a doubt Travic CI, a easily configured distributed CI system. Geared primarily at the technical crowd, this platform has a huge following in the Open Source community.

If you're new to Monkey Test It, check out our introduction for a summary of our free automated website testing service.

By combining Monkeys with Travis, you end up with a sleekly managed release of your software from start to finish. Travis can be easily configured to test your website immediately after deployment, ensuring that everything is humming along nicely without you having to move a muscle.

Travis CI lets you manage your test and build pipeline via a .travis.yml file. If you're just getting started in making your .travis.yml, check out the official Travis CI documentation then return here once you have it all up and running.

Step 1

To install the Travis CI integration first create your Monkey Test It account and log into the dashboard. From there, find your API key - listed under "API key for automation".

It should look something like XXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX.

Step 2

Log into your Travis-CI dashboard, and then click the "Settings" button and then select the "Settings" option for the project you'd like to test.

In the Settings screen, create a new environment variable with the Name "MONKEY_KEY" and the Value equal to your unique API key. Complete the process by clicking "Add".

Step 3

Finally, open up the .travis.yml file from your repository and insert the following two lines at the bottom:

  - curl "$MONKEY_KEY&on_load=true&on_click=true&page_weight=true&seo=true&broken_links=true&asset_count=true&url="

Note that you need to replace "" with the URL you'd like to test on each deploy.

If you'd like to disable any particular checks, simply change "true" to "false" for the ones you want disabled.

That's it! Next time you trigger a build in Travis, you'll be automatically notified if any bugs are found on your site

Congratulations - you did it!

Now take a quick trip to the kitchen and fetch a banana. You deserve it.

Need help setting up Monkey Test It with Travis CI? Send us an email and we'll give you a paw...err, hand.